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Drug dependence is a problem that can be very difficult to overcome. Once the body becomes used to a drug it will want to continue using that drug. Stopping the drug immediately will usually result in withdrawal symptoms and can be very hard to deal with. However, you are not alone! With the right treatment and with proper help from an opioid dependency healthcare professional you CAN overcome any drug addiction.

Overcoming Addictions

Many people never reach the stage of asking for help. They blame themselves for the drug addiction and they try to avoid the problem by pretending it does not exist. That is not the right way to deal with it. Many professional say that seeking help is the hardest part of overcoming any addiction, and with Baythorn pharmacy & addiction center, seeking that help is that much easier. Our caring and compassionate team will help you overcome the addiction, with the proper prescribed dose of Subaxone® or Methadone®. Typically, you can use these with a decreasing dose to allow your body to gradually wane off the dependency.

"Seeking Help is more than 50% of the solution to any addiction problem"

The Right Treatment

Whether it is Subaxone or Buprenorphine Treatment therapy for opioid use disorder, we have the treatment that is right for your individual case. We work with you to find the right drug to help wane you off addictions. We deal with many types of drug addictions including Codeine, Morphine, Heroin, Percocet, OxyContin or others. We'll make sure that you put on the right plan to prevent any kind of relapse.

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